Monday, October 04, 2004

The old man last seen here received just deserts on the second day of Sukkos. It was rainy, and a few of us were wearing baseball caps to keep our heads dry on the walk back from shul. The old man spotted a teen in a Yankee cap, and growled, "Can't you wear a hat that says you support Torah?"

The teen pointed to the grump's dripping Borsalino and said, "When you were my age, all a hat like that meant was that you were a gangster or a hoodlum. Times change, I guess. May the good Lord grant you years enough to see the day when a Yankee cap also represents Torah."

The grump was speechless, the teen triumphant. The rest of us grinned and chuckled.


And here I was thinking that my Red Sox cap WAS the ultimate statement of belief in God and Torah -- just like Simchat Torah suggests, every year just seems to be a repeat of the last.

(Are petitions for playoff wins sacreligious?)  

I find it amusing that the things some people latch onto as being uniquely Jewish often come from the most non-Jewish of sources, like the Shtreimel coming from the Russian Czar or the felt fedora.
Betcha never saw a gangster with a kippa sruga...wait, there are all those black muslims...never mind.  

PT - I don't mind that people wear shtreimals, for example. I just wish there was a way to sweep away the bad history and sloppy thinking that support such customs.  


When I was in HS, the principal, wishing to illustrate the value of prayer, had us say a chapter or two or Psalms on behalf of the school hockey team, after davening, on the morning of a playoff game.

It was perfectly appropritae. The lesson stuck, and we won.  

To wear hats has saved us from slavery in Egypt and accredited is with the torah - SHELO SHINU ES MALBUSHOM saith the medrash, so what is there to mock about it ? ???

So when you see something odd to you by some group of people and it has been done so, backed by rabbonim and gedoilim, for as far as memory goes, then you should put on your Toiredikke glasses and try to look at it from the true Toiredikke look!!  

Golda Leah:

It may not be sacreligious to daven for the Red Sox; just useless.  

"To wear hats has saved us from slavery in Egypt . . . " Since when did our ancestors who lived in the days of Moshe wear hats--of *any* kind?! Hoods, yes; veils, yes, but *hats*?! Even the head-coverings of the Kohanim in the Ohel Moed, as described in Vayikra/Leviticus, sound more like what we would call turbans, in modern terminology. If we really wished to maintain the clothing traditions of our ancestors, we would all be dressed like Bedouins.  
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