Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I promised a post on shul politics, I know, I know. I have a story to tell about whiskey, tables and chairs, but the muse is failing me. The words just aren't organizing themselves in my head or on the page.

Here are the basic facts:

The shteeble has become a Whiskey-Free-Zone. Why? Because of that Jewish Action article from last month, of course. The article suggests that distilleries might be mixing the whiskey with wine or other non-kosher blenders"We can't be too safe," announced the Rabbi, and so whiskey is banned from the shteeble until further notice.

Our local drunks are simmering, and also learning: Rav Moshe's views on the subject are being furiously argued and studied in person and via email, even as they make unpleasent remarks about the limits of the Rabbi's authority. So, as the Rabbi might say, " it can't be all bad." He likes it when people study Torah. No doubt, he's pleased to be the stimulus.

Meanwhile, the shteeble is also trying to grow. At best, the shteeble seats 100 men. On a typical weekend, this isn't enough. Not nearly. And as the local non-Jews continue to flee, the problem will become worse and worse. A Membership Meeting has been called, and expansion is on the agenda - or rather it would be, if meetings in shteebles actually had agendas. I'll be attending, but without my checkbook.

There's a connection here between the whiskey and the crowding in the shteeble, I just know it. By tomorrow, I hope to have found it.


Disgraceful - a shul without whiskey! Almost as bad as one without whisky.....  

No whiskey?!? So what shall we have at farbreigens! :(  
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