Friday, October 15, 2004

The big pediatrician writes from Israel:

... Saw something in Mea-Shearim today that made me think of you. I was in one of the schools where I saw a mural depicting Matan Torah (the revelation on Har Sinai) Moshe and the Elders are all wearing shtreimels and long black coats. Off to the side, in the corner, are two men without shtrimals. They appear to be wearing knitted kippas. I asked an adminstrator: Who are those men? With a sligh blush, the man answered: Dasan and Aviram!*"

Of course, I think the BP is lying. He does that. If he deigns to send a photo I will post it.

*Dasan and Aviram were co-conspiritors in Korah's rebellion against Moshe, who are often cited by Scripture and Midrash as Moshe's chief critics.


I think he must be lying. Moshe definately did not wear a shtreimal. This was not established until the gaonim. Then it became regular for all Jews until the haskala threw it away.  

The haskala?!? Why do you dopes blame everythng on the haskalah? Why do you pretend the haskala didn't affect yuor presciuos backyards?!?! GET of the Internet if the Haskala was so awful!!

For the record, Mr "I failed Jewish History" most all Orthodox Jews NEVER PUT ON SHTREIMELS TO BEGIN WITH!!

It was uniquely a hasidic thing. The non-hasidim never bothered. It wasn't the haskala that made them stop wering shtreimals. The fact is THEY NEVER STARTED!!!!  

Adam, where do you locate these midgets?

The haskalah is the reason why Jews don't wear shtreimels? Now I have been told everything.

Do you think the mural is true in existance? How big a fat liar is this friend of yours? I'm a little sick thinking about it even.  

well, all the pictures of Jesus make him look like a northern european, so we might as well have Moish in a shteimel. Must have been desert fox though, not sure there would be beaver in the sinai. Camel hair coats? hmmmm. might be a sartorial mismatch  

Fine, but Dasan in a sruggee? This is rude esp. to put in a shchool.  

My friends,

The BP lies like he breathes, but I think in this case he is merely exagerating. I bet he saw Moishe in a shtreimal on the mural and made up the part about the kippa srugot. We'll see. The BP owns a camera.

For a vigorous discussion of the haskala see Ben Chorin's blog, specifically the comment section. Note: don't go if you have thin skin.

Dil is right: Moishe in a shtreimel is analogous to Jesus with Eroupean features, in that both are wildly ahistorical.

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