Wednesday, October 13, 2004

And now for my 100th post, (but who besides GoldaLeah has actually read them all?)

That's right true believers and loyal friends, with this entry, baynonim has posted 100 times. After all this blogging about my local prayer houses, I can't think of a better way to celebrate than this. It is a description of a shul that I think I would really like.

Thanks Cara.

I've read them all. It is pretty good.
Congats on hitting 100. May you reach soon 1000
Eliyahu Keartel  

I also have read!  

I knew I wasn't the only one who read them all! Adam, you're doing a great job of letting us peek into your world. Keep on keepin' on. You're my blogging inspiration. (And thanks for the plugs.)


You've done a great job, Adam. Mazel Tov on your 100th post! From 100 to infinity! (buzz lightyear reference)

I'm not sure if I've read them all but I've spent a couple of nights going through the archives.  

Mazal tov, and many more. :)  

mazel tov. I guess wishing you ad meah v'esrim isn't much of a bracha. in the words of Pooh, "wishing you many happy returns of the day(each additional hundred)" and anyway, I am only about 99 behind you. :-)  

Thank you, Adam, for the kudos.

If you're ever on your way to St Louis, drop me a line. I know many people there who would take good care of you for shabbos. Or yontif. Or a random Tuesday evening.  

.tap. .tap. .tap.

Still impatiently waiting #101.

Your loyal reader.

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