Thursday, September 02, 2004

They are outside, and the sun is shining. Why do they need candles?

MoChassid promised an explanation. This is his reminder.

Next Week on Baynonim: The shteeble decides to install a Board of Directors.


I asked my rebbe and he told me but I forgot what he said (since it was more than ten minutes ago).

He said it was a big inyan. It's zeicher something.

I will sheepishly revert to the Rebbe and ask again.


If candles are a "big" inyan, does this mean that matzoh on the first night of Pesach is a king-sized-monster-jumbo-inyan? Or would that also be a "big" inyan?

I am not trying to be weisenheimer, but without some context the adjective you used ("big") is confusing. Is candles more or less important than the other, better known, wedding customs? I hope you will clarify this, too, when you deliver your long-awaited explanation.  

That's too funny. MoChassid says candles are a "zeicher" of something, but he can't remember what it is.

I guess it's a pretty lousy zeicher!

NOTE: A zeicher is something the rabbis created to remind one of soemthing.  


IT'S not a bad zeicher, I'M a bad zeicher.


Hold on to your hat; I will revert.  
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