Friday, September 10, 2004

A Moment for Some Market Research

My last two posts have been about shul politics. I haven't exhausted the topic - I'm hard at work, in fact, on a post about Democracy in the Shteeble - but I sense this subject doesn't really interest you.

Am I wrong? Would you like me to continue documenting the development of a Board of Trustees in our shteeble? Would you like to hear about the cunning plots and the sinister schemes as my RNs vie for power and influence? Or would you perfer I went back to wedding pictures?

Tell me, and I'll oblige. I belong to the people. You can cast your vote to the right. Or, in the comments, tell me the sort of post you like best.



I'm fascinated by the synagogue politics of others, since I'm heavily involved in those of my own synagogue. But you should post on whatever fundamentally interests you -- I mean, we're not getting paid for this or anything. ;)  

Write for yourself. We're just flys on you wall, really. Post what is true, and your readers will be happy. (And from the looks of it, what makes them (us) happy is a little bit of shul gossip!)  

Count me in for shul politics and the RN's. Its nice to hear about someone else's difficulties every once in a while.  
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