Friday, September 24, 2004

It is erev Yom Kippur and L is having two meals. Two meals? Yes, apparently it's his tradition, one before mincha, another afterwards. The first milk, the second meat, but with washing and bentching and the stuffing of faces at both feasts.

The baynonim family is eating once, after mincha, as we do every year. Is L's double meal a widespread custom? Should it be added to my ever expanding list of Jewish Customs I Reached Adulthood Without Ever Hearing About? (watch for it next week, and a high-five to the person who suggests a less awkward title for the list.)


yep it is the custom. you can read up on it in the yom kippur art scroll machzor, or other places probably. one of many things i noticed flipping pages today.  

I saw it, too, but the Art Scroll gave no source. I leafed, quicky, through the Mishna Brura during the recess and found no mention of it there. Can anyone tell me the origin of the two meal custom?

(Intrestingly, I did find three practices called for by the Mishna Brurah and/or the Rema/Mechaber that weren't done here: We strated musaf after the seventh hour, the vast, vast majority of the people did not fall during the avoda or aleinu, and the chazan wasn't flanked by two men during kol nidrei. I shouldn't be surprised though: the chasidim don't recognize the Mishna Brurah/Rema/Mechaber as a binding authority like we do.)  

two meals might be a (mistaken?) carry over from the seuda hamafsekes from erev tisha b'av, where there's one real meal, and then later, a more symbolic mourner's meal after mincha  
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