Thursday, September 02, 2004

Great. Now Luke Ford is a GOP tool.

I'm referring to a link posted without comment or explanation on Protocols, that leads to a list of weapons John Kerry supposedly voted to kill during his twenty years in the Senate.

Here is the truth of the matter: Kerry did not vote to kill these weapons because none of these weapons ever came up for a vote, either on the Senate floor or in any of Kerry's committees.

Shouldn't Luke do a little research before he picks up a link? True, if Luke were to exercise discretion, it would be almost impossible for Shmarya to get his links on Protocols and I'd be deprived of my daily chuckle. But how can Luke continue to rail against sloppy Jewish journalism, if he is going to reprint lies like the one about Kerry?

At the end of the day, I don't care who gets your vote. Just don't let an obvious lie cloud your thinking and influence your choice.



The Slate article twists and turns to make it seem that Kerry didn't vote against building a strong military when he has a 20 year record of not supporting the buildup of the military, including the Stealth Bomber specifically (which even Slate can't deny). who's being disengenuous?  


You're getting flaky with American politics. I liked your posts about shul politics better. You have nothing to add to the discussion. People who are interested in politics won't be looking here. And of the people who are looking here, half of us aren't interested in your politics.

Read your blog title and mission statement. Focus.  

And as much as we are amused by him, Luke was always a tool, no matter which way he votes.  

You're being a Kerry tool. Cut it out.  

Please, for the sake of your interesting blog, remain the man in the middle.  

MO -
The Slate article makes it clear that Kerry (along with several Republicans, the secretary of defense (Dick Cheny) and the President) thought the end of the cold war gave us an opportunity to scale back the military. Kerry didn't vote against any specific weapons system as Luke and the mythmakers claim.

Velvel -
I appreciate the kind words and the constructive remarks. I don't plan to write about poltiics. This particular post, in my view, was not really about politics, but about a myth that is quickly spreading.

As you may have notice, I don't like myths about Judaism, and I am not any happier when the myths are about public figures. So let's be clear: I'm not encouraging anyone to vote for a particular candidate. Vote for Bush. Vote for Kerry. Hell, vote for Nadar if you want. Just don't base your decision on a falsehood. Kerry did not vote against those weapon systems, and this lie should not be allowed to cloud the issues or to influence your choice.  

It wouldn't be the first lie LF linked.  

It's mainly your tone. Try not to seethe so much.

Also, LF is pretty much in the business of publishing first, asking questions later.  

I'm glad to see the comments, but I think I'd be happier if, instead of Kerry and Luke, we were discussing my post on the Spanish Rishonim, and the stream of questions at the end...  

I wish I could, but I'm generally an ignoramus on that topic, and I mostly agree with what you say.  

Reading this--

and this

is that enough comment and explanation?  

AR -- don't let anyone tell you what to post about. Write about things you think are interesting and important and readers will come.  

Don't ruin a good blog Miriam.  

We have enough political blogs.  

All, thanks. Really.

Though I can't promise to never write about politics, I did decide to shelve an entry about the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth (Title: Mee'dvar sheker tirchak)

Instead, I'll just encourage you to head over to Slate (, or to fact or to and get the story for yourself.  
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