Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Bullies for Bush?

Note: I am not pro-Kerry. I'm not pro-Bush. My politics aren't relevant to the blog. I just share stories that catch my eye.


" I am not pro-Kerry. I'm not pro-Bush."

That's not what your links say.  

"Bullies for Bush" has nothing to do with either candidate. It's the story of an Alabama businessman who fired a woman for sporting a Kerry bumper sticker.

I'm sure the president would not approve.  

It's a story about an evil Bush supporter. It doesn't state that all supporters of Bush are evil, or that no Kerry supporters are evil. But it's a single example, brought to the front. It colors the readers' perceptions and it colors your blog.

Your politics are crystal clear from Baynonim.  

Velvel, it's just a story. The bully happens to be a Bushie, but that's no reflection on the president. Stop being paranoid, my friend.  

There is obviously something in the overtones and the context that would make you put a disclaimer up.  

Yes, there is. And the disclaimer is up to prevent that misunderstanding.  

How do I know which way you're voting, if your blog is so anti-partisan?  

What made this story stand out to you as a story of injustice that you wanted to share?  
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