Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Went to the big soccer game with the big pediatrician. He's a fan. I am not. Still, experiencing foreign cultures is broadening. Or boring, which also begins with "B."

The game wasn't awful. The second half was exciting, in fact, and not because I knew we were almost on our way to dinner. Soccer gets a bum rap. It isn't boring at all. There is plenty of action, and because play never stops, there are also plenty of faked injuries. It's the only way a player can catch his breath. The referees, however, are on to the scam, so unless the player is bleeding or uncounsious they keep the game going and let the player writhe on the grass, screaming for last rites.

The trip taught me a few things, shared below in the hopes of broadening, not boring, you.

1 - The Italians don't sing many soccer songs.

2 - Though the English sing a great many different soccer songs, none contain more than one word.

3 - Chanting "Liverpool" 6 or 9 million times leads to a fierce migrane. Also, the word begins to sound mighty strange. You start to wonder: is it billiards or swimming, and what do either have in common with liver?

4 - You can't keep the soccer ball if it is kicked into the seating area. Bulky security people enforce this rule with extreme prejudice.

4 - Girl soccer fans are more attractive than girl baseball fans. I confess: I thought we'd find a stadium full of gardners and housekeepers. Not so.

Of course, this is yet another unfortunate example of stereotyping, the very evil a trip to a soccer game can help to defeat.


Soccer isn't boring. It's VERY boring.  

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