Thursday, August 12, 2004

Three fast stories about upshurin:

1 - An RN once suggested that upshurin was equal to women covering their hair as an indicator of Orthodox commitment. "You don't practice upshirin, but your wife covers her hair?" were his exact words.

2 - My local Hasidic Rabbi asked, "When are you making for him pais" and, to my everlasting shame, I didn't have the guts to say, "Well, to tell you the truth, Rabbi, he's had his hair cut already. Twice." Neither did I have the courage to correct his grammar, nor did I think to ask, "Isn't his hair a little too short for you to be asking that questions?" (Don't let my tone mislead you. I hold the man in high regard.)

3 - Soon after my son's third birthday, another RN said, with a disappointed look across her face, "Well, I guess we missed the upshurin." You could tell she was hurt. She sighed and everything. There may even have been hand wringing. I hope their was no gossip about the mean old, snobby baynonim family.

So, please, if any of my own personal RNs are reading the blog, let me say, "hi, please stop." But first, I have two remarks: (1) This blog isn't about you. Really; and (2) You were not snubbed. There was no upshurin and I promise we'll all dance together, please God, at the bar mitzvah.

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