Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The posts about kugel and concerts suggest a contest, so here we go:

Introducing: The Very First Baynonim Challenge

In the kugel and concert posts I discussed (1) authentic Jewish practices that have been forgotten and (2) Jewish practices with long histories that are mistakenly considered "modern." Tomorrow, we'll discuss (3) Jewish practices that are thought to be very old when they are, in fact, brand new.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it: Invent a new word for our community's inability to remember when its own customs originated. Cleverness combined with aptness will be rewarded with a suitable prize - yes! a suitable prize -though the final decision will be completely arbitrary.

(No, not a date with Luke Ford. Something suitable. I promise.)

Submit your suggestion via email (baynonim at hotmail dot com) titling entries "Word Fugitive."

If you have additional examples of this phenomenon, send them, too.

Note: Unless I have express, written permission to use your name (you must write "It is ok for you to use my name") I won't use it. Period. Exception: If you post your entry to the comments, I'll presume you've given me permission to cite you per the name you used to comment. And yes, my not-so-brilliant "Period. Exception" also reminded me of the Spanish Inquisition skit.


Oooooo . . . now you've touched on my competitive streak . . . I will not rest until I come up with the perfect word . . . uuuuuugh.  

Ok, but the challenge closes this weekend. And - not that you should god forbid feel any preasure - I already have a few solid entries. :)  




Sarah?? Yoo hoo! Nothing?? I said that bit about dating Luke was a joke.  

Sorry. I was busy today. Submitted 2 stories and had an excellent outing in the evening (see my blog).

I'm trying to have a life here, OK?


Sure, sure. Thanks for stopping by.  
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