Tuesday, August 03, 2004

No reply as yet regarding the girl's event. The Rabbi is "thinking about it."

I won't be a pest. I won't ask the gabbaim for an update more than once per day. I will be optimistic. I should be optimistic. The Rabbi is a good egg, and a torah scholar. In the past, he's proven himself quite resistant to foolish RN demands. When they wanted to move Shachris (Saturday morning prayers) to 9:30, for instance, the Rabbi dug in his heels and won. When they wanted the shteeble to pay for a weekly chulent, he said no, not before we're solvent.

In each case the RN's insisted that proper shteebles had both. In each case the Rabbi argued that proper Jews required neither.

So I have every confidence that it is the RNs, and not the Rabbi, who fear that their shteeble will be damaged if the girls are permitted to assemble under the shteeble's aegis. Superstitions come in all forms.

Still, the Rabbi is a hassid, and hassidim, in general, don’t have the very best track record on matters of Jewish womanhood. For example, the Rabbi's own announcments will congratulate, "Moshe Piddlepop on his son's Bar Mitzvah," and never the Piddlepop family, or Mr. and Mrs. Piddlepop. When there is a chulent, the woman get fed last, sequestered as they are behind the maximum-security mechitza

I'm not so optimistic anymore.

If the Rabbi does say no, I'll go quietly. No peep of protest will be uttered from me. I hate the idea of denying girls opportunities simply because they are girls, but I respect communities, and communities must be true to their own values, Neanderthalic though they may be.

Anyway, it is high time I went back to the shul.

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