Friday, August 13, 2004

Housekeeping Interlude....
On a completely arbitrary basis, the first baynonim challenge, along with other priceless emoluments, goes to Velvel for dreaming up Miss-orah. Sample sentance, "Wachnacht is part of our miss-orah."

Check out the sidebar. It is how we say thank you.

Boys, boys, boys
Re: The scuffle in the comment section of the previous entry

Skeptic, I'm sure MOChassid didn't mean to dismiss the whole collective history of German Jewry, or to pretend that his own version is the only legitimate history. Moreover, if you invited MO to your house for a potato-less cholent, he'd be there with bells on, and he'd lead the zmiros, to boot. Cholent, incidentally, is French for slow and hot (chaud lent.) I'm glad no one thought of boycotting that during our Freedom-Fries phase.

...We welcome a new blog
A great writer and old friend has set up an outpost in the J-blog echo chamber. Stop in and say hey to GoldaLeah at Go West, Young Jew.



I humbly accept this award.

From now on I will call my cholent by it's Mizrachi name, "Chamin." I might put eggs in there, but never figs.

And G-d help me, I don't know anything about my ancestors' Shabbos stews, but I regularly use hot-peppers for the spicy-hot, and bourbon for a little sweet/smokey. Freedom stew, indeed.  

The baynonim cholent is meat, potatoes and barley. No beans.

Best cholent I ever tasted, other than the ACs, had sweet potatoes and onion soup mix for extra flavor.

My good yekki friend, Sam the bus driver, once brought to the table a cholent that had no potatoes. He was lynched on the spot. A little sad, that. But tastes change.

Congrats Velvel.  

Here's a fun game:  

No beans? That's a sissy chulent.  

We like it.
Beans add nothing.  
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