Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Here we go with another Baynonim challenge

For those keeping track, this is the second challenge. As usual, the winner will be chosen on a completely arbitrary basis, and will be given a reward commensurate with the achievement.

In Des Moines it is: 8 2 2 1 9
In Haifa it is: 7 1 2 1 8

What are we talking about here?


After five frustrating mintues, I googled for the answer...does that count?

(Hint: If you would have put them in order from Rosh Hashanah instead of Pesach it would have been harder to find...)  

I gave up after Googling for 20 minutes. What phrase did you search to find this?  

82219 71218  

I'm an idiot. I was Googling the cities and then each set of numbers individually.  
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