Friday, August 06, 2004

The girl's event is on. And I get to run it.

The Rabbi himself called me with the good news. He said, "Myself, I never had a problem with it, but I wanted to be sure the oylam(1) was comfortable with the idea."

The complainers, about whom I've been blogging all week, appear to be a minority. Like all good minorities, they are loud, but also out of step with the majority. My dislike for them, like my appreciation for the rabbi, is growing. In retrospect, who but a very insecure person would raise such a ruckus about a girl's arts and crafts project? Let's hope they really are a minority.

The girls will gather, in two weeks time, on Sunday, 22 August, for pizza, ice cream and an afternoon of arts and crafts. My responsibilities are limited to ordering the food, which is easy; a local woman will lead the project.

I expect that most of the shul will be pleased when they hear the news. Only a very few will be unhappy, but their daughters can stay home, I suppose. I just hope they don't lose respect for the Rabbi because of his decision.

Perhaps I'll go to the shteeble, and not the shul, this weekend after all.

1 - Congregation


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