Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Continued from yesterday.

Having been rebuffed by the GT, I went to L, via blackberry. I typed out the details of my query, and sent it off, fully expecting a quick, and comprehensive response.

But no. Instead, L though I was picking a fight. Typical, I suppose, but unexpected here.

Via blackberry

L: I know exactly where you are going with this and I will not be taken there. Nice try :-)

Me: It's an innocent question. What is wrong with you? Where do you think I am taking you?

L: If it's so innocent why not ask yourself?

Me: I did. The GT went pale. And now you’re acting funny, too. What do the two of you think I am really asking?

L: No way José.

Me: No clue what you’re thinking. Really puzzled here.

L: Too bad

Me: Come on: what strange idea is growing in your paranoid mind?

L: I'm not answering. Ask the big pediatrician. He'll explain.

What is wrong with these people? What have I blundered into? Why can’t they answer a simple question?

Tomorrow: I find out.

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