Saturday, August 07, 2004

Another Baynonim List

Why I like the shteeble vs Why I like the shul

At the shteeble we finish before 11:30, and often before 11; at the shul we sing all the the old songs, and psuke d'zimra isn't rushed.

At the shteeble, the rav rarely speaks and when he does his words seldom make me feel uncomfortable or introspective; at the shul the rabbi speaks every week but often with power, charisma and polish.

At the shteeble the guys are my age, and often a cholent follows; at the shul there's very little talking and the room in which we daven isn't treated like a restaurant.

At the shteeble the davening often has fervor and joy; at the shul the nusach is ashkenaz.

At the shteeble my kids play with kids who dress like they do and who go to the same sort of schools as they do; at the shul there are structured educational activities for the kids.

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