Thursday, July 29, 2004

Take that  Yutopia!! And that!!

Wonking, huge, double snort

Discussion questions:
  1. Does Renee think Jews are too dumb to update the calendar to take into account the Gregorian switch?
  2. Did Jews "walk" from Spain to North Africa?
  3. Would it have killed Renee to name even one scholar?
  4. Why can't Martin see that his own post proves that the expulsion didn't occur on 9 Av? (if Columbus wrote in his diary on August 3/10 Av doesn't that mean July 30, the date of the expulsion, was NOT Tisha Ba'av?
  5. Why are Renee and Martin so reluctant to accept that sometimes, as Yuter said, Jewish history is about lessons, and not facts?
  6. Would Renee or Martin be more comfortable in the shul, or the shteeble? As usual, I could argue both sides of this.

I am sure Yuter's post, though it is a year old, will come up this Shabbas. But that's still so much better than talking about Rabbi Schechter and the Monkeys, hey, hey, hey.

Tip and a smile to Cookie for the monkey story.


Adam R-

I have a hard decision to make this weekend: Which do I enjoy more? Yuter's well researched and thought-out post, or your beautifully sarcastic response to those who don't quite "get it." It'll be a very tough choice, because though I love true history and academic studies, I love a good laugh even more. Great job!!

Oh-and I thought it was obvious. The Jews didn't walk from Spain to North Africa, they drove golf carts!  
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