Thursday, July 22, 2004

I had a Mister Invisibility moment today, one that gives the blog an extra wrinkle, I think.

Today, the big boss invoked his supreme authority, and moved the date of the Christmas Party. (Yes, it's early. No, we're not yecks. This is just how it's done where I work.)

The little boss did not like this change even one bit. She stormed into my office to make sure I was in that loop.

"Can you believe the nerve of the big boss, moving the Christmas Party to December 18. Who goes to a Christmas Party on December 18? I'll be shopping on the 18th. Everyone in the world is Christmas shopping on December 18!!"

Thought 1 - Aren't I in the room?
Thought 2 - Aren't I wearing a kippa?
Thought 3 - Does this mean you want a gift?


Looks like the party is on're safe :)  

Hi there! Got sent over in your direction by a friend. Enjoying your musings!

Merry Chanuka?


Welcome to the blogosphere! I also am a big fan of the super-frum-yet-don't-follow-the-ten-commandments crowd, like your buddy L. Don't you know its not stealing if you steal from goyim? (this applies to taxes as well as illegal cable)  
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