Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Housekeeping Interlude revised

Thank you chayyeisarah and mochassid for the welcome, the kind words, and the haskomah. How do I send flowers via the net? You're both class acts, and such great bloggers. My cup seriously runneth over.

Quick explanation: Sarah was slightly off the mark when she suggested my RNs are "yeshivish." Some of them are, but many of them aren't. I guess it depends what "yeshivish" is. Among my RNs are graduates (if you can call them that) of the best yeshivot, but also yeshiva drop-outs, people who bopped around between yeshivot, and a handful of hasidim and psudeo-hasidim, which is what I call people who self-identify as hasidic, but still wouldn't be able to get a date in Williamsburg or Boro Park.  Are all these phylums and sub-phylums "yeshivish?" Maybe.  What do you think?

They certainly aren't OMJs, which is my name for the folks on the other side of the ideological tracks. They grew up in big shuls, and went to day schools - Haftr, Ramaz, Frisch - or public school. Some of the OMJs have black-hat yeshivot in their background, others went to KBY or Sha'alavim, many more are YU alums.  Why OMJs though? Because I want to emphasize the orthodox. To my ears, "modern-orthodox" is almost an insult.  Agree?

All this diversity in one very small neighborhood is exciting, of couse, but also a source of tension, a tension I hope to explore as the blog proceeds.

[Note to irreligious Jews and non-Jews. I know you may find these distinctions tiresome. The ants all look alike, I know. But not to the ants.] 


I'm really enjoying your blog. You ask all the question I'm constantly asking myself and my friends, like, what criteria should Jews of different groups use to label themselves? Like,if a person is Shomer Shabbat, but is guilty of tax fraud, is that person still orthodox? What if they smuggle prescription drugs? Does a person only have to be observant of the laws "bein adam l'makom" (between man and God) to be considered observant, or shouldn't the laws "bein adam l'chaveroh" (between man and man) also apply?  

Thanks. I hope to explore many of the questions you have raised, and some others, too. Please continue to visit and continue to comment.
Adam Ragil  

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